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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

For how long can I be assigned to a hiring company?

In temporary work there is a so-called maximum assignment duration (Höchstüberlassungsdauer). This stipulates the maximum time you are permitted to be assigned to a hiring company. Temporary workers are not permitted to be assigned to the same company for more than 18 months. This is the case unless provision is made within a collective agreement that the temporary worker stays in a company for more than 18 months; in this case, it is then legally possible. Following this, the assignment in the company must end and you can then be assigned to another company as a temporary worker. However, following an intervening period of 3 months, you may be assigned again in the company in which you had previously worked for 18 months. The hirer, however, also has the option of employing you after 18 months on a permanent basis (or even earlier than this) in their company.