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How much does a lawyer cost?

The costs for a lawyer can vary. It always depends on whether you just want a consultation or whether you need extrajudicial or judicial clarification (see below).

The costs for a consultation are regulated by the German Attorney Remuneration Law (RVG/Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz). It regulates the levels of the consultation fees. The costs are capped. The first consultation may cost a maximum of 190 euros (plus VAT); all further consultations 250 euros (plus VAT).

In addition to normal consultation from a lawyer, however, in many situations individuals need access to more comprehensive legal support. It can take the form of extrajudicial or judicial representation. Whether something can be settled out of court or in court always depends on the nature of the legal dispute. In any of these cases, further legal fees will be incurred, which are regulated in the Attorney Remuneration Law.

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