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  • Notice of termination – what you need to know.

    Notice of termination – what you need to know.

    In this video, we explain what you need know when you have been dismissed. You will also find tips on what you can do afterwards.

  • What does Fair Integration do?

    Was macht Faire Integration?

  • Notice of termination – documents you should receive.

    Notice of termination – documents you should receive.

     In this video you can find out what documents you will receive after you have been dismissed. Here you can find out what you need to look out for and where you can get help. If you are unsure whether you have received all the documents, it is best to ask directly. You can also get advice from your Fair Integration advice centre.

  • Job placement to Germany – What do I have to consider? (Jobvermittlung)

    Jobvermittlung nach Deutschland – Was muss ich beachten?

  • New in the job – Which documents are important? (Neu im Job)

    Neu im Job – Welche Unterlagen sind wichtig?

  • What is a "Mini-Job"?

    What is a "Mini-Job"?

    Watch the video with English subtitle!

  • Statutory minimum wage – What am I entitled to? (Mindestlohn)

    Gesetzlicher Mindestlohn – Was steht mir zu?

  • Gross/Net – How much money do I get paid out? (Brutto/Netto)

    Brutto/Netto – Wieviel Geld bekomme ich ausgezahlt?

  • Health insurance – What is important? (Krankenversicherung)

    Krankenversicherung – Was ist wichtig?

  • Sick leave - what do I need to know? (Krankschreibung)

    Krankschreibung - was muss ich wissen?

  • Bullying and bossing in the workplace – What can I do? (Mobbing/Bossing)

    Mobbing und Bossing am Arbeitsplatz – Was kann ich tun?

  • Accident insurance – What is important? (Unfallversicherung)

    Unfallversicherung – Was ist wichtig?

  • Short-time work and short-time allowance (Kurzarbeit)

    Kurzarbeit und Kurzarbeitergeld