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Refugees from Ukraine

This flyer provides information on labour law in Ukrainian and Russian. It was produced by the Berlin Advice Centre for Migration and Good Work. The flyer is available on the BEMA website.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German 


Vocational Training

If you need more information about the different vocational trainings available in Germany, you can find further information here: FAQ Vocational training

Knowledge protects you! What refugees need to know about working in Germany
DGB Federal Executive Board

A guide for people who, having fled their home countries, are living and working in Germany. It contains information intended to help people find legal employment in fair conditions and avoid exploitative situations.

The current booklet was produced in April 2016. Please be aware that some information (such as information on the current minimum wage) is out of date.

Knowledge protects you

Languages: German, English, French, Arabic, 30 pages (Issue date: 04.2016)

Published by: DGB NRW

General information about wages

In this flyer you will find general information about wages: What is the industry minimum wage? Who is entitled to a collectively agreed wage? 

Booklet "Working hours - what are my rights?"

If you have always asked yourself: How do I correctly record my working hours? You can find the answers in the booklet: Working Time - What are my rights?


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