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Short-time working allowance

The short-time working allowance is the money you receive for your lost wages. This is 60% (67% if you have a child living with you) of the proportional net salary. The employer can increase the short-time working allowance to up to 90%.

A table for calculating the short-time working allowance can be found here: Federal Employment Agency. 

Important: people who work in temporary employment can also receive a short-time working allowance!

Trainees are also entitled to a short-time working allowance under certain circumstances. There is no short-time working allowance for employees who have a mini job. If the short-time working allowance is not enough to cover your living expenses, you can apply for supplementary benefits from the job centre or social services. This also applies for people with a tolerated stay permit or a temporary residence permit and people with a residence permit for gainful employment or vocational training.

Please note: if you receive supplementary money from the job centre or social services, this can have consequences for your residence in some cases! Receiving short-time working allowance has no effect on your residence.