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What does short-time work mean?

Short-time work can be introduced by your employer.

If there is less work, short-time work is used as a means of preventing redundancies due to loss of work.

As an employee, you can only work short-time if you are subject to social insurance contributions (if you earn more than 538 Euros gross/month). With short-time work, you work fewer hours and receive less pay. The extent of short-time work can vary.

For example: with short-time work 0 you do not work at all and with short-time work 50 you only work half (50%) of the usual working hours.

As a rule, an employer can apply for short-time work for a maximum of 12 months. You will receive short-time working allowance on the date on which you have always received your wages. Your employer pays the money. If your employer does not pay short-time working allowance, you can claim compensation.