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What can you do if you don’t receive an employment contract?

If you have been working for more than one month, you must obtain written proof of this.

This proof must include the following points:

  • Name and address of both contractual partners (your data and employer's data)
  • Starting date of the employment relationship
  • Place of work
  • Description of the employee's job (what kind of work you do)
  • Amount and composition of wages (salary, supplements, bonuses, etc.)
  • Working hours
  • Number of days of holiday
  • Notice periods (these may vary during the probationary period)
  • Information on which collective agreements and company agreements apply to the employment relationship

If you do not have an employment contract, the general statutory regulations apply:

The maximum working time of 8 hours a day (10 in exceptional cases), a collectively agreed salary or the minimum wage applies. With a working week of 5 days, you are entitled to 20 days holiday per year.

If there is a valid collective agreement, the provisions of the collective agreement also apply.

Please note: deviations are possible: In the case of employment contracts with better working conditions, for example if your contract stipulates more holiday days than the law/collective agreement, the better provision in the employment contract applies.

In rare cases, a law or a collective agreement can also mean a worse regulation for you than the statutory minimum standards.

If you are unsure which regulations apply, contact your Fair Integration advice centre!