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How can I get a consulting certificate?

The application for legal consulting assistance can be made in writing or verbally at the competent local court. The competent local court is the one in whose district the petitioner’s main residence is located. If you would like to apply for a consulting certificate, it is helpful to call the local court in advance to find out about the necessary documents and opening hours. The application form for approval of legal consulting assistance should be completed in advance. You can find this form here: https://justiz.de/service/formular/dateien/agI1.pdf .

You take the form and the necessary documents to the legal aid application centre where the judicial officer checks the conditions for approval and, if applicable, issues the legal fee financial aid permit. The court will only issue a consulting certificate once for each extrajudicial matter. The legal consulting assistance procedure at the competent local court is free of charge for the applicant.

The legal consulting assistance can also be applied for after the lawyer has given his advice. However, there is a risk here that the application will not be approved and that you will have to bear the costs of the lawyer yourself.