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What is maternity protection?

There are rules in the Maternity Protection Act. These rules aim to protect the health of pregnant and nursing employees and prevent them from being dismissed due to pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, these rules apply to you:

  • You may only work limited hours (from 6 am to 8 pm, your working hours may only deviate from this in exceptional cases).
  • You must not work more than 8.5 hours a day (at weekends only with your consent).
  • You must not do any work that could put your pregnancy at risk.
  • You are also allowed to go to medical check-ups during working hours.
  • You must be given time off for this and no money may be deducted.
  • Work ban: employers must protect the health of the pregnant/nursing person. He/she must improve the working conditions if they are a risk to health. If this is not possible, the person must be given another job in the company that does not put their health at risk. If this is not possible either, the employer may no longer engage the person.