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What are important points in your employment contract?

1. Cut-off period

Your employment contract may specify a cut-off period. If, for example, you are paid too little, you must claim your wages before the end of this cut-off period. If you wait too long and the deadline expires, you will lose your right to your money! These deadlines may result from collective agreements. Your minimum wage is not affected by this.

Important: cut-off periods can be very short (e.g. three months). So find out in good time whether a cut-off period applies to you!

2. Contractual penalties

Contractual penalties can also be included in the employment contract. This means, for example, that if certain termination or dismissal notice periods are not observed, you may have to pay a penalty. The aim behind this is to prevent negligent breaches of the employment contract.

Contractual penalties must not violate the statutory minimum standards in labour law and they must be clearly and distinctly described in the employment contract.

Important: if you receive lower wages due to a contractual penalty, contact your Fair Integration advice centre.