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What is a working time account and how does it function?

The working time account is very typical for temporary work. The contract of employment between you and the temporary employment agency will specify how many hours you must work during the week. However, in some hiring companies, more or fewer hours will be worked and occasionally there will be overtime to do. This is the reason for the working time account. If 35 working hours per week are agreed in a contract of employment and, for example, you work for 40 hours in the company, then you will be paid for 35 hours and 5 hours will be credited to the working time account. These hours are known as plus hours. There are also minus hours in the case where fewer hours are worked than agreed.

If you have accumulated plus hours, you can arrange time off in lieu. This must be agreed beforehand with the temporary employment agency. If the contract with the temporary employment agency ends, you must be paid for the plus hours accumulated on the working time account. The collective agreement provides more detailed information about the working time account. Contact an advice centre for information!

Important: The temporary employment agency cannot force you to reduce your plus hours because no hiring company has been found for you (see next point).

Please note: Information about hours in your working time account can often be found on your payslip (under AZK-Std. or Zeitkonto). In some cases the employer will provide you with a separate summary of the working time account each month.

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