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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

How much is parental leave pay?

The amount of parental leave pay depends on how much money you earned before the birth. The basic parental leave pay is usually 65% of the salary (net, after taxes) you received before the birth. Parental leave pay is intended to compensate for the fact that you get less money from your employer because you work fewer hours or take a sabbatical.

  • Basic parental leave pay: between 300 and 1,800 euros per month
  • Parental leave pay plus: between 150 and 900 euros per month
  • Partnership bonus for couples: between 150 and 900 euros per month for both parents for 4 months each
  • Partnership bonus for single parents: You will receive an additional bonus of between 150 and 900 euros for 4 consecutive months if you work between 25 and 30 hours per week during these months.

Unemployed? You can also receive the minimum amount of 300 euros of parental leave pay or 150 euros of parental leave pay plus if you have had no income so far.

Special arrangements for parents with little money

If you earned between 1,240 and 1,200 euros net per month before the child was born, you will receive a little more parental leave pay. Instead of 65%, you can receive up to 67%.

Special coronavirus regulation

  • Many parents receive short-time work pay (Kurzarbeiter-Geld) or unemployment benefit I (Arbeitslosen-Geld I) and thus have little money. The parental leave pay will not decrease as a result. The months in which you received short-time work money or unemployment benefit I are not included in the calculation of your parental leave pay. 
  • If parents in system-relevant occupations cannot take their planned parental leave pay months between 1 March and 31 December 2020, they can postpone them until June 2021.