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What you can do against a termination:

If you receive a termination or dismissal, you need to react quickly. This is because you only have 3 weeks to take legal action against it!

  1. If there is a works council in your company, ask whether it has been informed of the dismissal. If not, then it is invalid.
  2. If you are a member of the trade union, contact the local office immediately. They will review the termination/dismissal. The trade union will also represent you in the labour court.
  3. If you are not a trade union member and still want to defend yourself against the dismissal, you must file an action for unfair dismissal with the responsible labour court. You can get support from a specialist lawyer for labour law.
  4. Register immediately as "arbeitssuchend" (looking for work) with the employment agency. You must contact them within 3 days of being dismissed. If you do this too late, you may lose benefits (money).