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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

What do I do if I don't get paid on time?

If you do not receive your wages on time, you can claim them. You do not have to go straight to court to claim your wages. You can initially demand your wages from your employer in writing (more information on this is available in the brochure “Wissen ist Schutz” (“Knowledge protects you”) under the item: 2.3.4 “Wenn der Arbeitgeber nicht zahlt” (“If your employer fails to pay your wages”). The brochure is available in German language under: www.dgb.de/downloadcenter/++co++bc4705f8-afc7-11e9-9741-52540088cada). The best approach is to seek help from a Fair Integration advice centre or a trade union.

The police or other state institutions are not responsible in this case. In order to claim your wages correctly, make sure you are well prepared and know exactly how much you should be receiving. For this, it is important to have a list in which you have entered when you worked where and in what role. You can find a template for a working time calendar at www.servicestelle-gegen-zwangsarbeit.de/praxismaterialien.

Attention: You are always entitled to your wages - even if you have been dismissed, have no written employment contract or have worked without a work permit.

Note that there may be certain time limits for claiming the wages, the so-called limitation periods. These are specified in the employment contract or collective agreement. This means that you must claim your wages within this particular period. So act fast!

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