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Short-time work and taxes

Your employer pays you the short-time working allowance. You can see how much short-time working allowance you received last year in your wage tax certificate under "Lohnersatzleistungen" (wage replacement benefits). You will receive your wage tax certificate from your employer at the beginning of the following year.

If you have received more than € 410 in short-time working allowance in one year, you must submit a wage tax return to the tax office the following year. The deadline for this is 31 July. Short-time working allowance is generally exempt from wage tax.

Please note: you may still have to pay back taxes.

You can get support here:

  • At wage tax assistance centres. You can find addresses using the search function on the website of the Bundesverband der Lohnsteuerhilfevereine.
  • Trade unions such as NGG, IG BAU or IG Metall cooperate with wage tax assistance centres. You can ask there if you are a member. Members of the trade union ver.di can use the ver.di wage tax service free of charge, further information on this: ver.di website.