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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

What happens if the employer does not assign me to a hiring company?

If your period of assignment in a hiring company comes to an end and you are not assigned to another company by your employer this is referred to in Germany as assignment-free time (“einsatzfreie Zeit”). In this assignment-free time, accumulated hours in the working time account are only reduced if you have previously agreed this with the temporary employment agency. Assignment-fee time is therefore something other than leisure time. Assignment-free time can also not be debited as minus hours from your working time account without agreement.

Assignment-free time must be paid, this means you continue to receive your wages even though you are not currently working in a company. However, you must be contactable in the event that the temporary employment agency has found a new hiring company for you. As a temporary worker, you are entitled to leave. The employer is not permitted to instruct you to take this leave during the assignment-free time.