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What is a working time account?

A working time account is where extra hours worked (plus hours) are collected or fewer hours worked (minus hours) are reduced. A working time account is typical for temporary work. The employment contract between you and the temporary employment agency states how many hours you have to work per week.

Different companies work different hours and sometimes you might have to work overtime. Or sometimes you might work less than it says in your contract. These plus and minus hours are collected in your working time account. You can often find information about the hours in your working time account on your payslip (under AZK-Std. or Zeitkonto).

Some employers provide separate monthly overviews of the working time accounts. Depending on what you have agreed with the temporary employment agency, you may also be able to take plus hours as time off in lieu (hours/days off).

When the contract with the temporary employment agency ends, the accumulated plus hours in your working time account must be paid out to you.