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What services do placement agencies offer?

Placement agencies offer a job offer or an employment contract in Germany on behalf of companies looking for workers. They place workers with companies. Sometimes they also offer support in finding accommodation, registering with the authorities and arranging language courses both in the home country for preparation as well as in Germany. They can also help with the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad.

In the preparation phase, the agencies organise health tests, the preparation of visa applications, the organisation of integration courses and language courses or the examination of language skills at B1-B2 level. They arrange online interviews with potential employers and prepare candidates for knowledge tests or adaptation courses for the recognition of professional qualifications.

Some agencies offer additional services like translations, travel and health insurance before entering Germany, or a pick-up service from the airport. These services can be charged to both applicants and clients. You may have to pay both the agency as well as the employer for a service.

Please note: placement agencies almost always charge a fee. You only have to pay the fee once you have signed an employment contract.

Please note: an employment contract is no guarantee for a visa.   

The placement agency must provide you with a placement contract. This will tell you how much you have to pay in fees and what the agency does in return. Additional services provided by the placement agency often have to be paid for separately.

Sometimes it seems as if the placement agencies offer all services free of charge, even a free language course. This can be misleading. This is because the placement agencies pre-finance these services and later reclaim the money from your employer. Sometimes the agencies receive their pre-financing from the companies, depending on the duration of your employment with the company. For example, through monthly payments in the first three years of your employment. That can be a problem if you don't stay with the company for three years and the placement agencies don't get their pre-financing back. Then they can claim the money from you.