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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

What advantages do I have as a trade union member?

As a member of a trade union you will receive information and support in many areas.

  • Trade unions offer free advice and information, for example on rights under collective agreements, claims in the event of unemployment or company pension schemes.
  • Trade unions provide support in disputes with employers or in the event of unfair treatment. As a trade union member, you receive free legal advice on these issues and are entitled to free legal protection. This applies to labour disputes, but also to disputes with the employers' liability insurance association or with pension, health, long-term care or unemployment insurance associations. In these cases, the trade union provides a lawyer who can represent you in court.
  • Only as a trade union member do you have a legal right to all collective benefits.
  • Trade unions provide financial support to their members in the event of strikes. They pay strike pay if the employer does not pay the employer because of the strike.
  • Trade unions offer members seminars for qualification and further training in operational and socio-political topics.

The more members a trade union has, the greater its political influence and the better it can assert the interests of its members.

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