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Pensions, unemployment insurance & insurance in the event of an accident at work

If you have a mini job, you do not pay into unemployment insurance. You are not entitled to unemployment benefits or short-time working allowance in a mini job. You only pay a small amount into the pension scheme in a mini job. This will result in low rights to a pension.

Please note: you can apply to not have to pay the contribution to the pension scheme.

Disadvantage of this: it will not count towards your pension later. Without the contribution to the pension scheme, you are also not entitled to a reduced earning capacity pension, survivors' pension or rehabilitation benefits.

The advantage of this: you will receive the full 538 Euros in your account without any deductions.

Work accidents

If you have an accident at work, you are insured through your employer in a mini job. This insurance cover also applies to accidents on the direct route to work or from work back home.