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How do you get support during your vocational training?

1. Financial assistance

If you don’t get enough money during your vocational training, you can apply for financial assistance.

You can apply for vocational training assistance from the employment agency.

Please note: receiving this assistance depends on your residence status. If you are unsure what your options are, contact your Fair Integration advice centre!

2. Help with problems!

There are usually liaison teachers at vocational schools who are available as people to contact.

You can talk to them about your problems, including problems at work/in the company.

If you have problems understanding things in class, you can also get vocational training support.

3. Vocational training support

If you have any problems during your vocational training there are places where you can get help.

If you are struggling with a subject, you can get extra tuition.

If you have problems at work, you can get support.

You can apply for vocational training support from the employment agency or job centre.

4. Assisted vocational training

With assisted vocational training, you and your company receive support and guidance from start to finish.

This aims to help trainees successfully complete their training. You will be assigned what is known as a vocational training mentor for this purpose.

The employment agency or job centre commissions an educational provider to supervise the vocational training. This provider supplies the assistant.