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What different types of vocational training are there?

Dual education

  • 3-4 days: practical vocational training in the company under the supervision of your trainer
  • 1-2 days: theoretical education at the vocational school
  • On average, the vocational training lasts 3 years

Company-wide vocational training

An extension of in-company vocational training: you receive training in external workshops or in other companies.

External vocational training

The vocational training does not take place at a vocational school, but at another educational institution.

This means that you carry out practical exercises in a kind of school.

This form of vocational training can be an alternative option if you are unable to find a company to do your vocational training in.

School education

There are also a few purely school-based vocational training courses in technical or social fields, in foreign languages or in healthcare.

Here you only learn in vocational schools/vocational colleges.

As a rule, however, you have to do a company internship during your vocational training.

Examples of:

  • a technical field: medical-technical assistant
  • a social field: preschool teacher
  • a foreign language field: foreign language correspondent
  • healthcare: geriatric nurse