Förderprogramm "Integration durch Qulifizierung IQ"

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What measures are there to support preparation for training?

Introductory training (EQ)

For recognised refugees, asylum seekers and persons resident with special leave to remain (Geduldeten), it offers the chance to become integrated in the day-to-day working processes of a company over a period of six to twelve months. This may provide an opportunity for individuals to prepare for possible vocational education and training. Introductory training is exempted from the minimum wage.

Pre-vocational training measures (BvB)

Pre-vocational training measures are a preparation for integration into training (or commencement of employment). They are intended as a means of guidance to help an individual make the right career choice. As part of this, a range of placements are completed and classes are attended in a school. It is also possible to take the lower secondary school leaving certificate if this has not already been obtained.

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