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How much do I earn during training?

What you earn while training is recorded in the training contract. If a collective agreement applies to your training company, this also determines how much money trainees receive. If there is no collective agreement, find out how much trainees earn in other companies in your industry.  A minimum monthly remuneration for trainees is mandatory for training contracts that are concluded from 2020.


how much money trainees receive - statutory minimum






1st year of training

515 €

550 €

585 €

620 €

2nd year of training

608 €

649 €

690 €

732 €

3rd year of training

695 €

743 €

790 €

837 €

4th year of training

721 €

770 €

819 €

868 €


Furthermore, the training remuneration should be based on what is normal in the sector and must not be significantly less. The amount you earn increases slightly with each training year. Contact an advice centre for information!

Note: You can find the typical training remuneration for the industry, organised by occupation, on the website of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (www.bibb.de).


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