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Applying for parental benefits

The employer does not pay a salary during parental leave. This is why parents can apply for parental benefits. It should make up for the missing money.

There are certain rules for applying for parental benefits:

  • You have to live in Germany.
  • You live with the child.
  • You look after the child yourself. It can also be your partner's child or an adopted child.
  • You don’t work, or you work a maximum of 30 hours per week.

You have to fill out a form for the application. You then send the form and the original certificates to the parental benefits office by post or deliver them in person. The parental benefits office can also help you fill out the application.

There are three different types of parental benefits:

  • Elterngeld (simple parental benefits)
  • Elterngeld Plus (parental benefits plus)
  • and the Partnerschaftsbonus (partner bonus). 

Elterngeld Plus is half as much money as Elterngeld. But you can get Elterngeld Plus for twice as long. Your partner can receive an additional 2 months of Elterngeld or 4 months of Elterngeld Plus.

Please note: in some federal states, you can also apply for parental benefits digitally.