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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

Do I have to tell my boss that I’m pregnant?

If you apply for a job during pregnancy, you do not have to tell your boss that you are pregnant. If you are asked directly about it, you are allowed to lie. You should inform the employer of the pregnancy as early as possible. The employer may require medical proof of the pregnancy. 

As soon as the employer learns of the pregnancy, he/she must ensure that the pregnant woman’s health is protected as much as possible. This includes ensuring that certain working hours apply during the pregnancy. 

You can go to the necessary preventive examinations during working hours. The employer must give you time off for it and may not deduct any money. The health insurance company can explain to you which preventive examinations are ‘necessary’. 

People are particularly well protected against termination during the maternity leave period. The special protection against termination begins at the time of pregnancy and ends 4 months after giving birth.

If you are terminated and the employer is unaware of your pregnancy, you must notify the employer of your pregnancy within 2 weeks of the termination.