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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

How does an employment relationship end?

Your employment relationship can end by means of termination by you or by means of termination or dismissal by your employer. Specific notice periods must be observed in the case of termination. Termination must also always be in writing. Please note: you must respond quickly even if your contract of employment is terminated verbally!

Your employment relationship may also be terminated by means of a termination agreement (a joint written agreement between you and your employer). If you have a fixed-term contract of employment then your employment relationship ends as of the final date of the fixed term.

IMPORTANT! If you sign a termination agreement, you lose protection against dismissal and run the risk of reductions to your unemployment benefit. Take care if your employer presents you with a notice of termination for signing. It may be a termination agreement which will have disadvantages for you. A notice of termination does not have to be signed by the recipient in order to be valid.

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