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What is a "befristeter Arbeitsvertrag” (fixed-term employment contract)?

A fixed-term employment contract means that the end of your employment relationship is written in the employment contract.

Important information about fixed-term employment contracts!

  • If you want to take legal action against the end, you must do so within 3 weeks of the end of your contract.
  • You must register with the employment agency as looking for work at least 3 months before the end date. This way you can be sure that you will receive any benefits.

There are 3 types of fixed-term contracts:

  1. Fixed term without objective reason: possible for a maximum of two years.
  2. Fixed term with objective reason: possible for more than two years. Examples of an objective reason are substitution for an absent person or involvement in a project.
  3. Fixed term for a specific purpose: if a purpose has been defined that must be fulfilled, the relationship ends when this purpose has been achieved. This means that if a substitute for someone off sick was specified as the purpose and this person is healthy again, the contract ends automatically.