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What happens with my wage if I have contracted the coronavirus?

If you have contracted the coronavirus, you will be unable to work and will receive a certificate of incapacity for work (Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung) from your doctor. You must send this to your employer and your health insurance company (Krankenkasse). The normal rules in the event of incapacity to work apply here. If you are not working, you will continue to be paid by your employer for 6 weeks in accordance with the Continuation of Remuneration Act (Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz). If you are sick for longer than 6 weeks you will receive sick leave benefits (Krankengeld) from your health insurance company. Those who are not insured through their work, e.g. mini-jobbers and people who are pursuing student employment do not receive sick leave benefits.

Warning: Usually you do not have to tell your employer why you are unable to work. However, since the coronavirus is highly contagious, it is highly advisable to inform the employer and colleagues about your infection with the coronavirus. This is the only way your employer can react accordingly and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Your employer can write down a reporting obligation in a company agreement (Betriebsvereinbarung).