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Your employment contract is "fixed-term without objective reason"

A fixed-term employment contract without objective reason is possible for a maximum of 2 years.

This is only possible if you are working for an employer for the first time (not if you have been employed there before). The fixed term can be set up to 3 times.

The employment contract must be extended without interruption, otherwise a fixed term without objective reason is inadmissible.

The fixed term must be set out in writing (verbal fixed terms are not possible!). Even if you do not have a written employment contract, for example, you must receive a written fixed-term contract.

A fixed-term employment contract then states the date on which the contract ends. It is only terminated by the fixed term itself, not by a resignation or dismissal.

Please note: the number of extensions or the maximum duration of the fixed term may be regulated differently by a collective agreement. Find out which contract applies to you!

It is not possible for you or the employer to terminate the contract with notice before the end date. This is only possible if it has been expressly agreed in the employment contract or in an applicable collective agreement.

Three months before your employment contract expires, you must register with the employment agency as looking for work.