• What must I be aware of in my job?

    This booklet focuses mainly on the thematic areas of social insurance, earned income (e.g. wages), types of employment (e.g. full-time, part-time), contract of employment (e.g. overtime, holiday, termination or dismissal) and maternity rights.

    What must I be aware of in my job?

    Languages: German/Arabic, German/English, 40 pages (Issue date: 12.2017)

    Published by: Hochschule Niederrhein SO.CON Social Concepts ‐ Institut für Forschung und Entwicklung in der Sozialen Arbeit Projekt "Kulturelle Vielfalt in Betrieben"

  • Working in Germany. Basic terms and key laws

    In this two-page flyer, key employment law terms are explained in three languages (German, English, Arabic).

    Please be aware that the current hourly minimum wage is €8.84 gross. In 2019, the hourly minimum wage will rise to €9.19 per hour gross.

    Working in Germany. Basic terms and key laws

    Languages: German, Arabic, English, 2 pages (Issue date: 02.2016)

    Published by: DGB NRW

  • Knowledge protects you! What refugees need to know about working in Germany

    A guide for people who, having fled their home countries, are living and working in Germany. It contains information intended to help people find legal employment in fair conditions and avoid exploitative situations.

    The current booklet was produced in April 2016. Please be aware that some information (such as information on the current minimum wage) is out of date.

    Knowledge protects you

    Languages: German, English, French, Arabic, 30 pages (Issue date: 04.2016)

    Published by: DGB NRW

  • Your training rights. Tips for educational training and entering the world of work.

    This brochure provides a summary of the key points about the training position.

    Tips for educational training and entering the world of work (English, Arabic, French)

    Language: English, Arabic, French, 63 pages (Issue date: 11.2016)

    Published by: DGB-Bundesvorstand

  • Mini job employment law

    This provides key employment law information for employees in mini jobs. The flyer is also available in Arabic, English and French.

    Mini job employment law

    Languages: German, Arabic, English, French, 2 pages (Issue date: 2015)

    Published by: zukunft im zentrum GmbH, Team Joboption

  • Overview of social security 2018

    Pension, health insurance, nursing care and accident insurance are addressed, as well as the areas of employment promotion, employment law and child allowance, the rehabilitation of persons with disability, housing benefit and social assistance.

    Overview of social security 2018

    Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, 225 pages (Issue date: 02.2018)

    Published by: Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales (BMAS)