Fair Integration

Fair Integration provides advice on social and employment law issues in Germany nationwide. The counselling provided by Fair Integration is aimed at refugees and other migrants who are not from the EU.

Advice centres offer guidance on specific issues for individuals already in employment, training or doing an internship. Advice centres also provide those who wish to be prepared in advance, with information about their working conditions. The advice centres also offer workshops for refugees and other migrants who are not from the EU, e.g. as part of integration courses or language courses.

The advice provision covers topics relating to employment law and social legislation, which are linked directly to the employment relationship, e.g. wages, working time, holiday, dismissal and termination, health insurance, etc. Other specialised advice centres and advisory bodies are called on for other topics, e.g. seeking work or residency status.

The advice centres support refugees and other migrants who are not from the EU in protecting themselves from exploitation and discrimination and in being able to challenge this. Being aware of your own rights and obligations within the employment relationship is essential for being able to participate confidently in the labour market. It is also the basis for overcoming precarious employment conditions and for finding decent employment in Germany. This is because only those who know their rights can demand that these rights are respected. The Fair Integration advice is guided by experiences from the DGB project Fair Mobility and other union-related advice centres for EU employees. Through collaborating closely with other IQ centres, the aim is to achieve labour market integration appropriate to one’s level of training.

The advice centres work together closely with other advice centres and support structures. Cooperation partners also include stakeholders from cities and communities, trade unions, Chambers and the labour administration.

Fair Integration is implemented within the Network “Integration through qualification (IQ)”. A range of organisations are responsible for implementation in the sixteen federal states. Fair Integration is assisted by ‘Support Fair Integration’—a support structure of the DGB Bildungswerk—as well as by the Competence Centre for Immigration in the Network IQ in content-related matters. The Fair Integration advice centres come under the IQ Regional Networks and are financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the European Social Fund (ESF).