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Do you need information about your rights at work in Germany?

What risks should I anticipate when formulating rights and obligations in the job placement agreement?

Often the services are vaguely formulated. Therefore, it is not always certain that you will actually receive the benefits/services or that the lessons in language courses or the additional lessons needed for recognition of vocational qualifications will actually take place.

Most of the time, the job placement agreement states actions that you must take. For example, it may stipulate periodic participation in a language course including passing the final examination; translation of all documents necessary for recognition of the trained profession; timely VISA application to start work in the company. The duration of the agreement is often mandatory.

The risk here is that you will not be able to take the actions required of you and that the job placement agency will demand a penalty payment from you. The penalty must be clearly stated in the agreement.

Important: There are certain risks!

  1. For example, a long-term employment relationship may be agreed if the employer pays for further training for you and releases you from work for this time. Another possibility is that the job placement agency pays for the training for you and asks you to reimburse it later.
  2. If there are official charges, for example for a visa application or an accreditation notification, you will owe the fees, not the job placement agency. If the job placement agency promised to pay the fees for you and they do not, you will have to pay these fees yourself.
  3. Sometimes accommodation is included in the agreements. However, the rent for the accommodation may be deducted from your salary and you may have to pay a very high rent. If the agreement is terminated, you can also lose the accommodation very quickly.
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